Fara R. White, MD
Fara R. White, MD
Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology




Sometimes the need for professional support is clear, such as obvious symptoms or an acute crisis.  Other times, there is a nagging feeling that something is wrong and a question about whether or not psychiatric services are necessary.  Consultations for this purpose are accepted on a case by case basis.



Psychotherapy is a great way way to learn about oneself, increase overall happiness, and break out of patterns that might be unhealthy.  Relationship problems, including conflicts with friends, in-laws, and coworkers, can generally be improved upon with psychotherapy. 



Medication, when used judiciously, is an important part of treatment.  Everyone who is seeking services deserves a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, which can and should take place over several sessions.  A deeper exploration of other health issues is frequently warranted.