Fara R White MD


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With trust and transparency as our treatment cornerstones, Dr Fara White creates a safe space for deeply authentic personal connection and insight-rich conversations that lead to actionable change and sustained results.



Feeling stuck or paralyzed in your life, failing to feel fulfilled and driven, lacking true connection in your relationships, or experiencing any variety of symptoms that interfere with everyday enjoyment all warrant psychiatric support and therapeutic attention. The most common reason that patients come in for treatment is to restore a sense of happiness, joy, and contentment within their lives, having had them be replaced with negative thought patterns, high stress reactivity, and limiting beliefs.

The first step in changing undesirable patterns and behaviors is to bring them into consciousness. From a therapeutic perspective, the simple act of hearing your story out loud, and perhaps rewriting it collaboratively, can help ease suffering and embed lasting resolution. It can powerfully and efficiently resolve triggers and symptoms that may be a result of physiological imbalance, unprocessed developmental trauma, or unconscious conflict buried deeply within ourselves. Our work will aim to understand the ways in which certain coping patterns are maladaptive, and what we can do to organize and implement lasting change.  

What to Expect

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Patients come to therapy with different goals, and our work together will be highly individualized to meet those objectives. My overarching methodology uses thoughts, feelings, and early life experience to help reveal motivations behind behaviors. By taking into account an individual’s unique personal story as well as their own biochemistry, successful treatment may take into account psychodynamic therapeutic methods as well as diagnostics and medication, all of which are used thoughtfully and deliberately.

Upon first visit, our patients are thoroughly evaluated with an hour-long introductory session, during which time goals are set and a comprehensive treatment plan is provided. All subsequent ongoing sessions are 45-minutes, and are held on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the patient’s unique treatment plan. To ensure complete and thorough assessment during your treatment, Dr Fara White will routinely ask to speak with close friends or family to gain a holistic understanding of a specific issue or concern. In order to maintain the highest level of trust, transparency, and personal connection with her patients, she does not treat two members of the same family or two friends in the same friend group.

Upon patient preference, Dr Fara White welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with other healthcare providers and therapists to provide effective treatment.

It is my goal to help those in treatment understand themselves a little bit better, and perhaps become more compassionate towards themselves and others over time.
— Fara R White MD


Fara M White MD


With over 10 years in private practice, Dr Fara White is a board-certified psychiatrist/psychopharmacologist and corporate wellness consultant based on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Currently undergoing a postdoctoral program in Psychoanalysis at NYU, she specializes in successfully treating patients with anxiety and depression, PTSD and trauma-related disorders, and attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD).

From an early age, Dr Fara White was fascinated by hearing people’s stories and understanding their behavior. She is driven to helping each of her patients heal at the deepest level, unblock themselves from limiting behavioral patterns, and shift their perspective in order to truly maximize success in their lives in a real and authentic way.

In addition to her private practice, Dr Fara White is currently partnering with corporations and businesses as a wellness consultant and speaker, bringing awareness, attention, and support to mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Credentials & Degrees

·       Post-doctoral training in psychoanalysis at NYU

·       Residency training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel

·       Masters’ and MD from Rutgers

·       BA from Tufts, HS Phillips Exeter Academy