Anxiety & Depressive Disorders

Anxiety and depression are common mental health concerns and highly treatable. Both can prevent you from enjoying relationships and experiences that you once cherished, and can lead to a feeling of being stuck or unable to move forward. Our personalized treatment plans take into account your behavioral patterns, pre-conditioned belief systems, emotional barriers, as well as your own unique biochemistry in order to provide you with effective therapy and sustained results.



PTSD and trauma-related disorders should be approached with the highest level of care and a sensitivity for the right timing. Abuse, neglect, or loss that has occurred, either in the distant or recent past, can cause feelings of worthlessness, anger, or self-hatred, and require time to process and rehabilitate. Our approach is specifically designed to allow the mind to heal at its deepest levels, and create an opportunity for real, lasting, and life-changing resilience and recovery.


ADD/ADHD Management

Chronic lateness, general disorganization, and trouble managing impulses are all hallmarks of Attention Deficit Disorders, which respond quickly to an appropriate and personalized combination of medical treatment as well as behavioral counseling and support. Our approach relies on minimal but highly effective therapeutic methods to help successfully and sustainably manage ongoing behavioral and deficit disorders.